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What is DataCurate?

DataCurate helps make metadata work for publishers and other content providers. We publish books, create training materials, conduct workshops, and provide consulting on metadata creation and distribution. Our publications and services focus on the intersection between product metadata and discovery.

Creating and distributing powerful product information (metadata) is essential to standing out in a crowded marketplace. The amount of available content – books, music, games, movies, video – continues to grow at an astounding rate.  The virtual marketplace is flooded with metadata about both physical and digital content.

We work with you to identify and implement the best ways to create and manage metadata that works to support effective marketing, user discovery and engagement, sales, and business intelligence.

Who needs data curation?

Publishers — Booksellers — Authors — Libraries — Wholesalers — Distributors — Data aggregators

Good metadata is the single most important element in creating discovery and marketing strategies designed to connect people with content that matters to them.

DataCurate customers are publishers (including self-publishers), retailers, libraries, data and information providers, and other organizations that want to leverage metadata for marketing, discovery, and sales.

DataCurate Publications

The Metadata Handbook

A Book Publisher’s Guide to Creating and Distributing Metadata for Print and Ebooks

by Renée Register and Thad McIlroy

132 pages, illustrated

Print: $125.00

PDF and other digital formats: $95.00

DataCurate Metadata Quick Guides

Available for download from Digital Book World

PDF: $19.99




DataCurate Classes


Available as four-week online courses and as Independent Study Workshops from Digital Book World University.

DataCurate Services

  • Webinars, workshops, presentations, consulting, and on-site training: Metadata standards and best practices, ONIX 3.0, EPUB 3 metadata, assigning subjects and categories, metadata technology and systems selection, metadata trends.

Contact us to tell us more about your organization and find out how DataCurate can help.

The Curator

News and events relating to metadata, publishing, and libraries.

Contact us to let us know about events and publications or to submit a proposal for a guest post.

The Metadata Handbook, 2nd Edition – Coming in February!

Metadata Handbook 2nd Edition Cover jpg

The second edition of The Metadata Handbook will be published in February. The new edition is fully updated and expanded to include the most recent information on metadata standards, practices, and use in the publishing industry. It is revised throughout for consistency with the latest versions of industry standards and best practices documentation.

The PDF version will be available after February 1, 2015 from Paperback, EPUB, and Kindle versions will be available for preorder on February 1, and will be published by the end of the month.

Additions include:

  • Expanded and updated information on International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI) and International Standard Text Code (ISTC).
  • A new section on Metadata Schemes with updated information about ONIX 3.0 and new subsections covering Dublin Core and
  • A new section on Standards for Subjects including information on Thema as well as information about BISAC, BIC, and library subject schemes.
  • A new chapter about Search Engine Optimization, Keywords, and Subjects.
  • A new chapter on Metadata in Digital Content Files outlining options for metadata embedded within digital content files
  • A new chapter specifically addressing Metadata for Self-Publishers and Small Publishers
  • Updates from industry experts on trends in metadata and publishing.
  •  A revised and expanded Bibliography and References section
  •  A revised and expanded Glossary.



Creating Metadata That Works – A Digital Book World Conference Workshop

DBW Conference

Join Renée on January 13, 2015 for a workshop at Digital Book World Conference + Expo 2015. The three-hour workshop on Creating Metadata That Works will provide an introduction to the essentials of publisher metadata and hands-on experience in creating and reviewing metadata using the Onixsuite system.

Publishing Trends Post on The Metadata Handbook

Publishing Trends

Here’s an interview on The Metadata Handbook published last week in Publishing Trends. Thanks to Samantha Howard for for posing such great questions!

Digital Book World University Metadata Classes 2015

Digital Book World University will offer Renée’s four metadata courses continuously during 2015. You can find out more by clicking on the course titles below.



DataCurate Resources features books, articles, research, organizations, and other resources of interest to publishers and libraries.

Some items are available for purchase through our affiliate partners. If you sell content and offer an affiliate program, let us know if you would like to be included in our list of sellers.

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Available Now From DataCurate

by Renée Register and Thad McIlroy

132 pages, illustrated 

Print $125.00
PDF and other digital formats $95.00
Featured Book

Future Perfect: The Case for Progress in a Networked World by Steven Johnson

Riverhead Books, 2012

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Featured Article

The Digitization of the Music Industry vs. the Book World: The Ultimate Overview 

Written by Timo Boezeman & Niels Aalberts, with important additions and nuances by Erwin Blom, Eric Rigters and Jelte Nieuwenhuis.

FutureBook, November 2011

Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

In case you missed it, this four-part series of blog posts from FutureBook offers good overviews of music and book industry history, describes changes imposed by the rise of digitization, and explores implications for the future of the book.

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Featured Article

Innovation Starvation by Neil Stephenson

World Policy Journal, Fall 2011

World Policy Journal - Fall 2011

Big thinking from sci-fi luminary Neal Stephenson regarding the danger of narrow mindsets, risk aversion, and the role of the internet in stifling 21st century innovation.

Featured Link

Brain Pickings curated by Maria Popova

The description on the site expresses the content pretty well! “Brain Pickings is a discovery engine for interestingness, culling and curating cross-disciplinary curiosity-quenchers, and separating the signal from the noise to bring you things you didn’t know you were interested in until you are.” Follow Maria on twitter and her well-managed tweets - @brainpicker – will keep you apprised of the frequently updated posts.

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